INETA Germany

After 8 years being the heads of the INETA Germany, Lars Keller and Karim El-Jed, will leave the INETA Germany. The reason is, that Lars is working for Microsoft Germany since November 1st and he wants to ensure that the INETA will stay independent from Microsoft. Also the co-lead Karim will leave to focus more on supporting his own .NET user group.

This means the INETA needs two new heads and Lars found some new.

Ulrike Stirnweiss will be the new co-lead and I will be the new lead of INETA Germany

I'm pretty proud to work with Ulli to support the German .NET user groups with the Speaker Bureau and with budget to pay travel costs of the registered speakers.

Maybe you read about that INETA North America will quit until the end of the year. At the beginning of November this year, I talked to their lead. It seems the main reason why they will shut down is, that there seems to be no longer a need to support the user groups in this way. It seems the North American user groups and the available speakers are very well connected and they are managing all that stuff by their own.

We will keep the INETA Germany alive and hopefully do a little more to support the German user groups and the German .NET community in general. Also INETA Europe will stay alive with the European Speaker Bureau.

Currently we have some Ideas (and we got a few pretty cool ideas from Lars) to improve the support for the German user groups and make the INETA Germany a little more present in the German .NET community.

In the near term we will keep all the things as they currently are. This also means Ulli will do Karims Job and I do the same stuff Lars did until the end of 2015. Ulli will be responsible for all things around the website, marketing, and so on. I will continue with Lars Tasks, being responsive for the Speakers Bureau, the user groups and the sponsoring.

If you have any feedback about anything to improve, anything you miss, please drop us a short note. Write to [email protected], contact us on any channel like Twitter, Facebook and so on.


At the End of this post I have to say Thank You:

  • to Lars and Karim, who did a great job the last 8 years and who will support us in the first few months being a INETA lead. :)
  • to Torsten Weber who supports us in the back-end, hosting the website, mail servers, and so on. This makes this job a lot easier. :)
  • to our current top sponsor Microsoft Germany, which is also keeping the Speaker Bureau alive with the annual sponsoring. :)


If you want to be a sponsor of the INETA Germany to support the German user groups and the German .NET community please drop me a note. I would be happy to send you detailed information about the benefits of being a sponsor of INETA Germany. :)