Creating Dummy Data Using GenFu

Two years ago I already wrote about playing around with GenFu and I still use it now, as mentioned in that post. When I do a demo, or when I write blog posts and articles, I often need dummy data and I use GenFu to create it. But every time I use it in a talk or a demo, somebody still asks me a question about it,

Actually I really forgot about that blog post and decided to write about it again this morning because of the questions I got. Almost accidently I stumbled upon this "old" post.

I wont create a new one. Now worries ;-) Because of the questions I just want to push this topic a little bit to the top:

Playing around with GenFu

GenFu on GitHub

PM> Install-Package GenFu

Read about it, grab it and use it!

It is one of the most time saving tools ever :)

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