Current Activities

Wow! Some weeks without a new blog post. My plan was to write at least one post per week. But this doesn't always work. Usually I write in the train, when I go to work to Basel (CH). Sometimes I write two or three posts in advance, to publish it later on. But I had some vacation, worked two weeks completely at home, and I had some other things to prepare and to manage. This is a short overview of the current activities:

INETA Germany

The last year was kinda busy, even from the developer community perspective. The leadership of the INETA Germany was one, but a pretty small part. We are currently planning some huge changes with the INETA Germany. One of the changes is to open the INETA Germany for Austrian and Swiss user groups and speakers. We already have some Austrian and Swiss speakers registered in the Speakers Bureau. Contact us via [email protected], if you are a Austrian or Swiss user group and if you wanna be a INETA member.

Authoring articles for a magazine

Also the last twelve months was busy, because almost every month I wrote an article for one of the most popular German speaking developer Magazine. All this articles were about ASP.NET Core and .NET Core. Here is a list of them:

And there will be some more in the next months.

Technical Review of a book

For the first time I do a technical review for a book about "ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Angular 4". I'm a little bit proud of getting asked doing it. The author is one of the famous European authors and this book is awesome and great for Angular and ASP.NET Core beginners. Unfortunately I cannot yet mention the Authors name and link to the book title, but I will definitely if it is finished.


What else? Yes I was talking and I will talk about various topics.

In August I did a talk at the Zurich Azure meetup about how we (the created the digital presentation (web site, mobile apps) for one of the most successful soccer clubs in Switzerland on Microsoft Azure. It is also about how we maintain it and how we deploy it to Azure. I'l do the talk at the Basel .NET User Group today and in October at the Azure meetup Karlsruhe. I'd like to do this talk at a lot more user groups, because we are kinda proud of that project. Contact me, if you like to have this talk in your user group. (BTW: I'm in the Seattle (WA) area at the beginning of March 2018. So I could do this talk in Seattle or Portland too.)

Title: Soccer in the cloud – FC Basel on Azure

Abstract: Three years ago we released a completely new version of the digital presentation (website, mobile apps, live ticker, image database, videos, shop and extranet) of one of the most successful soccer clubs In Switzerland. All of the services of that digital presentation are designed to run on Microsoft Azure. Since then we are continuously working on it, adding new features, integrating new services and improving performance, security and so on. This talk is about, how the digital presentation was built, how it works and how we continuously deploy new feature and improvements to Azure.

At the ADC 2017 in Cologne I talked about customizing ASP.NET Core (sources on GitHub) and I did a one day workshop about developing a web application using ASP.NET Core (sources on GitHub)

Also in October I do an introduction talk about .NET Core, .NET Standard and ASP.NET Core at the "Azure & .NET meetup Freiburg" (Germany)

Open Source:

One Project that should be released for a while is LightCore. Unfortunately I didn't find some time the last weeks to work on that. Also Peter Bucher (who initially created that project and is currently working on that) was busy too. We Currently have a critical bug, which needs to be solved first, before we are able to release. Even the ASP.NET Core integrations needs to be finished first.

Doing a lot of sports

Since almost 18 Months, I do a lot of running and biking. This also takes some time, but is a lot of addictive fun. I cannot live two days without being outside running and biking. I wouldn't believe that, if you told me about it two years before. That changed my life a lot. I attend official runs and bike races and last but not least: I lost around 20 kilos the last one and a half years.