VS 2015 Update 1, TypeScript 1.7 and some more

Yesterday, it was something like an announcement day. Let's have a look to the news from Redmond:

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1

This is what the most of us are waiting for: Microsoft released the Update 1 of Visual Studio 2015. There many improvements added to the IDE, with the debugging and navigation. See the detailed description in this blog posts:

TFS 2015 Update 1

Brian Harry announced the availability of TFS 2015 Update 1, which includes a lot of new things and a few bug fixes:

This update is also available for TFS 2015 Express.

.NET Framework 4.6.1

Along with the Update 1 of Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft released .NET 4.6.1 with some improvements and big fixes in WPF and SQL Server connectivity, RyuJIT, GC and WCF:

TypeScript 1.7

Also the TypeSript team announced a new version. They highlighted to support for async and aweit in the new version 1.7:

Azure SDK 2.8.1 for .NET

Another thing what was released yesterday, is the Azure SDK 2.8.1 for .NET. See Brady Gasters blog post for more details about it: