Customizing ASP.NET Core 6.0 - The second edition

Just a couple of days ago, the second edition of my book Customizing ASP.NET Core got released by Packt


The second edition is updated to .NET 6 and includes three new chapters. I also put the chapters into a more logical order :-D

This is the nee table of contents:

  1. Customizing Logging
  2. Customizing App Configuration
  3. Customizing Dependency Injection
  4. Configuring and Customizing HTTPS
  5. Configuring WebHostBuilder
  6. Using different Hosting models
  7. Using IHostedService and BackgroundService
  8. Writing Custom Middleware
  9. Working with Endpoint Routing
  10. Customizing ASP.NET Core Identity [NEW]
  11. Configuring Identity Management [NEW]
  12. Content Negotiation Using a Custom OutputFormatter
  13. Managing Inputs with Custom ModelBinders
  14. Creating custom ActionFilter
  15. Working with Caches [NEW]
  16. Creating custom TagHelpers

Working with Packt

I'd like to thank the Packt team and its motivation and accuracy to create the best result possible. Actually writing isn't that hard, but getting it completely right, nice, and readable afterward is the hard part. Packt did a great job and I really like the result.

Maybe the next project is in the making. ;-)

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Jürgen Gutsch
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