MVP for four times in a row

Another year later, again it was the July 1st and I got the email from the Global MVP Administrator I'm waiting for :-)

Yes, this is kind of a yearly series of posts. But I'm really excited that I got re-awarded to be an MVP for the fifth year in a row. This is absolutely amazing and makes me really proud.

Even though some folks reduces the MVP to just a marketing instrument of Microsoft and they say MVPs are just selling Microsoft to the rest of the world, it tells me that my work in my spare time is important for some people outside. These folks are right anyway. Sure I'm selling Microsoft to the rest of the world, but this is my hobby. I don't sell it explicitly, I'm just telling other people about stuff I work with, stuff I use to get things done and to earn money at the end. It is about .NET and ASP.NET as well as about software development and the developer community. It is also about stuff I just learned while looking into new technology.

Selling Microsoft is just a side effect with no additional effort and it doesn't feel wrong.

I'm not sure whether I put a lot more effort into my hobby since I'm a MVP or not. I think it was a bit more, because being a MVP makes me proud, makes me feel successful and tells me that my work is important for some folks. Who cares :-)

While some folks are reading my blog, attending the user group meetings or watching my live streams. I will continue doing that kind work.

As already written I'm proud of it and proud to get the fifth ring to my MVP award trophy, which will be blue this time.

And I'm feeling lucky that I'm able to attend the Global MVP summit the fifth time next year in March and to see all the MVP friends again. I'm really looking forward to that event and to be in the nice and always sunny Seattle area. (Yes, it is always sunny in Seattle, when I'm there.)

I'm also happy to see that almost all MVP friends got re-awarded.

Congratulations to all awarded and re-awarded MVP

Many thanks to developer community for being a part of it. And many thanks for that amazing feedback I get as a result of my work. It is a lot of fun to help and to contribute to that awesome community :-)